Kemenuh Village In History

The word “Kemenuh” might be related to name of Brahmin Clan in Hindu. The fact is that Highest Hindu Priest from East Java His holiness. Dang HyangNirartha married his wife from Brahmin clan of: Kemenuh, Manuaba, Geniten and Mas. Those so called CaturBrahmana (Four Brahmin Clan) around 15th century. At moment we can find so many “Gria” house of Brahmin Clan in Kemenuh Village. Balinese called “Gria” as House of Hindu Teaching or “Me-Siva” (followers of God Siva). The village is so tidy scattered over from North (BanjarTengkulak) until South (BanjarTegenungan). Kemenuh has various palaces interest from Theme Park, culture, home of wood carver and restaurants.