Mas Village In History

Mas Village is one of seven villages located at Ubud Sub-District. It is only 22 Kilometers Southeast from Denpasar Bali. It started from 1358 AD, when Prime Minister Ki PatihWulung of Bedulu Kingdom had to leave Gelgel central of Bali Kingdom to central Bali and very thick forest known as Mas Village. In this new area, Ki PatihWulung replaced his name into PangeranBandesaManik Mas by his followers. Since then the Mas village had very fast economic grow. In the year of 1411 Saka or 1489 AD, the third descendent of PangeranBandesaManik Mas welcomed Highest Hindu Priest Ida Dang HyangNirartha for TirtaYatra. PangeranBandesaManik Mas beg his holiness stayed in Mas Village. Name of Mas came from the golden flower from Tangi Tree grew in the middle court yard of holiness. By that time people called his Village by Desa Mas (Golden Flower Village). One of descendent of Brahmana Mas the late Ida BagusNgurah around 17 century had very talented in wood carving and he spread over his wood carving’s teaching to locals. Since 1930 Mas Village is well known for Bali Central Wood carving until now.