Sayan Village In History

The word SAYAN mean “Sayuh” or in English “Tiring”. It was related to Priest Markandiya’s spiritual Journey around 8th century. When the priest wanted to visit this village, his holiness felt so tiring and finally went back to his ashram at Taro village. According to Menawa Dharma Sastra of Hindu’s manuscript said, King of Mengwi Palace sent Banyu Ning (Pure energy) as the King and so called Sayan Village. Other resources mentioned Ubud King colonized Sayan Village and King brought people from surrounding Ubud and no one was indigenous people of Sayan. That is the reasons why there named BanjarKutuh meaning that specialized for making agriculture tools, BanjarPande for blacksmith, BanjarBaung from Taro people, Banjar Mas occupied by people from Mas Village. Sayan village was officially became an independent village since 28th October 1991, separated from Kedewatan Village.