Taro Village In History

The history of Taro began when Rsi Markandya arrived in a dense forest beneath Mount Agung (northeastern Bali) where he tried to open residential and agricultural areas with his 8000-strong followers. However, their efforts were hampered by a deadly disease outbreak, leaving only about a half of his followers survived. Seeing this strange phenomenon, Rsi Markandya then meditated in hope of receiving guidance from The Almighty. He realized that they need to ask for permission first by offering a plowing ceremony of Panca Datu at Besakih Temple. Afterward, Rsi Markandya and his followers accomplished their targets to build residential areas and agriculture around the mountain. Their expansion then widens to a very fertile region named Sarwa Ada which subsequently became the location of a religious school (Pasraman) named Pasraman Gunung Raung-a bid to satisfy The Almighty.